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Why Outsource with APS?

  • Mitigate risk- We bond and insure the ATM and COMM equipment

  • Expand market presence with NO capital expense for the ATM or modem at PRIME ATM locations

  • Location, Location, Location- Access to 30+ years of ATM Industry experience to expand market presence – we are in essence an ATM real estate company, offering site survey analysis.

  • Easy, cost effective customized ATM marketing screens for advertising

  • NO IMPACT on your existing Debit Card program, Cash handler, or Core Processor: Outsourcing is transparent to your Members/Customers

  • Increase profitability - Surcharge Free “on us” transactions and revenue sharing on foreign transactions

  • Improve efficiency - Fast service response – We utilize the Net Op remote ATM access program for “real time” remote ATM diagnostics

  • Leverage expertise - 30+ years of ATM/Industry experience

  • Enhance flexibility - Contract negotiations for “off site” prime ATM locations

  • Concentrate on core competencies – Our team manages all aspects of the ATM program

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